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​A Die-Hard Fan is More Than Someone with West Virginia Mountaineer Apparel

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Nothing is quintessentially American as college football. But it’s the fans with their countless blood, sweat and tears that make the game. And you won’t see a more passionate group of fans than the people who cheer on the West Virginia Mountaineers. They are proud to call themselves die-hard fans and true lovers of the Mountaineers.

Mountaineer fans live and breathe football and can never get enough of it. They bask in the glory of the wins and cry in the defeats. They adore the first sniff of BBQ at the tailgate party and keep the celebration of gameday long into the night.

To be sure, a true die-hard fan is much more than somebody who attends a game wearing their West Virginia Mountaineers apparel from Oh no, a true fan is much more than that. The rumors are not true, you don't have to bleed gold and blue to be a true fan, but it does help. Here are a few signs of true Mountaineer fans.

You Never Leave a Game Early

There are many occasions in which you see fans leave a football game early, sometimes in droves. The people who do this are not true West Virginia University Mountaineer fans.

We get it, your team is up by 24 points with five minutes left in the game and you want to beat traffic, but have some respect for the players who have to finish the game regardless the score.

This also applies to viewers at home who either turn off their television before the game is over or flip the channel over to Family Guy in the fourth quarter. Whether the Mountaineers are dominating a lopsided game or are on the losing end of a beatdown, Family Guy can wait until the clock reaches zero.

The Status of Your Week Depends on the Outcome of the Game

If the Mountaineers win on Saturday, the week will be an epic one. You will be super-productive at work, you will take the spouse and kids out for dinner at least four times and you might even fix that dripping faucet. Basically, nothing is going to bring down your week.

But if the Mountaineers lose, well, your entire week goes south. The colors of your world dim, the songs you used to love on the radio seem off-pitch and meaningless. Not even Ed Sheeran can pick you up. Even Family Guy episodes come across as crass and unfunny.

You Have a Mountaineer Tattoo….Somewhere

If you are a true die-hard Mountaineer fan, you have a tattoo of their logo somewhere on your body. You are a super die-hard fan if you have a Mountaineer tattoo located on a part of your body where everybody can see it.

Your Pets are Named After Players and Coaches

Your dog is named Dana, your cat is named Martell and you have a goldfish named Will.

As you can see, being a die-hard fan is a lot tougher than you might think. If you aspire to be a die-hard fan, you have your work cut out for you. You can start by going to and ordering some Mountaineer fan gear.

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